Path along stream for mourners. Under Grafton Bridge.

Axonometric of the chosen site; Symonds Street Cemetery. 
By removing all the foliage on site I am left with just the headstones of the graves, the natural stream, and Grafton bridge. Many settlers and Maori are buried at the cemetery, to keep their heritage I chose to respect the area of the gravesites tapu (sacred) thus only allowing myself to build on an area not containing headstones. The Natural stream will also be restored and incorporated in my design, thus protecting Auckland heritage and the natural environment.
Design solution
A series of walkways wrap around the tapu sites and are used exclusively by the public to re-introduce the history of the site. A timber walkway along the natural stream is used exclusively by the loved ones of the deceased on their way to the ceremonial hall. The entrance to this walkway is located at St Martin’s Lane as this is the most private of all surrounding streets. The ceremonial hall emphasizes a view of Waitematā Harbour and is designed to accompany any denomination and also features a crematorium. A vertical Cemetery is located at the highest elevation of the site signifying accomplishment and significance of the final resting place of the deceased. The publics’ journey starts at the intersection of Karangahape Road and Symonds Street and is also inclined towards the vertical cemetery to instil in them subconsciously the significance of death.  
View from Karangahape 'k' road. 
Here is the entrance to the public forum, looking from Karangahape Road down towards Symonds Street. Rimu wrapped concrete columns hold up the walkway and keep it at the same height throughout as the columns change in height to the contours of the site, making it accessible for all. I made sure to open the entrance ramp as wide as possible to be more inviting for pedestrians walking down Symonds Street. The walkway is covered unlike any footpaths down Symonds Street to further entice pedestrians to walk down it, thus being reintroduced to the gravesites. The vertical cemetery can be seen in the background.
Preliminary sketches
Refinement sketches.
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